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20 Questions: David Wendel (1978)

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Current Occupation: Registered nurse, home infusion

Contact Information:

Years in Phantom Regiment and Section: Baritone, 1978

1. When did you first see/hear the Regiment?

In 1976, I played in corps that was instructed by Bob Sudzy Suhina. He told stories of his time in phantom in 1974. and I saw phantom on tour that year. I especially remember the performance at Hollender stadium in Rochester NY 1977

2. What made you want to march in Regiment?
That classical music, and the reputation of the baritone line. It was actually my brother Mike that brought up the idea. He was close to aging out, and wanted to march with a top DCI corps

3. What is your favorite memory of your time in Regiment?
That’s impossible to choose. The entire season, from the first time we walked into regiment hall (the former auto repair shop) until getting in the car in Rockford for the drive back to NY

4. If you could go back and change one thing about your time in the corps what would it be?
I would have a different GE M+M judge at finals. Shirley Whitcomb placed us 6th, she never liked our show. Of course we were second 91.45 to SCV’s 91.55 those numbers still haunt me.

5. What is your all time favorite piece of music that Regiment has played?
There are a few. I thought Beethoven’s 9th was a perfect closer. We played a tuning chorale called Schubert serenade that always gave me chills. After my year, I loved The lord’s prayer and Elsa’s

6. Who do you remember most from your marching days?
The way the corps was run. The focus was totally on the members and the show. I may have been naive, but it seemed that there were no adult ego’s getting in the way of the operation of the corps. That being said WE had massive ego’s!

7. Any interesting or funny bus stories?
I can’t share too many in public. I’ll try to describe this the best I can. We were on the bus one morning on tour waiting to head off to a practice field. Everyone was half dead at this point, mentally and physically. Outside the buses one of the guys, I can’t remember who, got on someone’s shoulders. They ran in between the buses, with the person on top moving his arms like he was running. So on the buses we saw someone running by the windows from the waist up.

8. Any favorite stories about Rockford?
Getting free tacos by saying trickie’s Texas tacos 10 times in 5 seconds.

9. Did you have temporary housing in Rockford while you marched, and if so, do you still have contact with them?
I stayed with the Corrigans, Doc and Wendy were still marching. I also worked at Lyle Corrigan’s metal shop. Angel Bedencourt also stayed there. Unfortunately, I have not had any recent contact. But if they’ve found my beige member shirt, please send it to me.

10. What skills/experiences from your time in Regiment have you utilized in your current job or life today?
Confidence in taking on challenges, determination.

11. Did you audition? And if so, what was your audition like?
I had a very informal audition. We were in Rockford for a drum camp. Dennis Kolpek, and Phil Weiskercher came down to hear me play. I played from my corps’ book, which was mostly from phantom’s ’74 book.

12. What advice would you give to the kids marching today?
Enjoy every minute, take it all in, take pictures, keep a scrap book. These will be valuable memories in 20-30 years

13. Any memorable rehearsal stories?
We were working on Scherzo ala russe, the baris were on the back sideline and the sopranos were up front. I believe it was Norm Wheeler said baritones you’re so far backfield your sound is phasing with the sopranos by the time it reaches the stands. You’ll have to play almost a half a beat ahead, and adjust as you come forward. Ok let’s try it I knew that I was in the big time. And can I say what we did to Jack Padewan at the rehearsal before finals? I guess not.

14. What instructor or member intimidated you the most?
I was next to Phil Weiskercher’s girlfriend during the flip turn in the drum solo. He threatened to beat me up if I hit her with my horn. Does that count?

15. Do you still find yourself humming parts from a show?
All the time, I wish that I had saved the sheet music so I could still play it

16. What staff/support person made the biggest impression on you, and why?
Jim Wren – his arranging is the best that the activity has ever had.

17. If you could have marched any other year in Regiment what year would it have been?
1979, I went to the first camp, I loved the music. But college tuition made it impossible for me to stay.

18. Are you still involved in the music/performing arts field?
I m in the Ghost riders mini corps. Reigning DCA champs!

19. Do you ever have drum corps filling a spot dreams?   
Not too often, but when it does it’s usually retreat at finals. I wake up screaming.

20. What nicknames do you remember?   
Moogie, Snake, Mother Moose, Big Hummer, Pugsly, Kiltie Joe, Burley. I was called Weeble partly because of my name, but mostly because of my shape, and the way I marched.

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