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20 Questions: Pat Butler (1979-81)

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Current Occupation: Sales Manager – Stanbury Uniforms, Visual Designer/Judge, Visual Staff – Carolina Crown

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Years in Phantom Regiment and Section: 1979-81 Brass – Baritone, 1982-85 Visual Staff

1. What made you want to march in Regiment?   

THE POWER OF THE HORNLINE and the overall impressive quality of the performances that I got to experience.

2. What is your favorite memory of your time in Regiment?
There are so many that ‘s because I got to spend time as a member and on staff. Probably the 1979 Finals Performance, the last Spartacus performance and the second time we won the Best Brass Ensemble with a 99.00 are about as good as it gets. Seeing some 15 yr old member of PR/pr cadets grow over that 6-7 year span from a kid to a mature member and leader is a great memory as well.

3. If you could go back and change one thing about your time in the corps what would it be?   
I would have documented my time there in pictures.   

4. What is your all time favorite piece of music that Regiment has played?
ELSA ‘S (that ‘s an easy call)

5. What do you remember most from your marching days?
The camaraderie and what it meant to be a member of the Phantom Regiment.

6. Any interesting or funny bus stories?   
Yes, and I don ‘t think the stories are for public consumption! Although I will say that I did have to wash the buses a few times over that three year period.

7. Any favorite stories about Rockford?
Hanging out at the party house and getting my ear pierced one night in probably not the most hygienic way. Also being at a few events with Cheap Trick.

8. Did you have temporary housing in Rockford while you marched, and if so, do you still have contact with them?   
1979, the crew from Kendallville, John Stark, Kevin Savage, Jim Sprandel and I lived in the Rose s’ basement. They were great to us. The next couple of years Kevin Schuessler and I lived with the Hodges. Great times and great families!

9. What skills/experiences from your time in Regiment have you utilized in your current job or life today?   
Personal excellence and never take a moment for granted. You never know when another opportunity will present itself.

10. Did you audition? And if so, what was your audition like?   
I was a trombone player who fortunately had decent enough chops to be able sound decent and learned how to play a two-valve bugle after the audtiton. Got to play baritone for about 5 minutes before they handed me this damn heavy chrome euphonium and said “you are playing this “.

11. What is your drum corps history?   
1979 -81 PR Member; 1982-85 PR Visual Staff; 1987-1993 Star of Indiana visual staff; 1994 Brass Theatre; 2010-13 Madison Scouts (2011 Visual Capt head); 2014 Carolina Crown visual staff

12. What advice would you give to the kids marching today?   
Savor the experience. Drum Corps today is an extremely challenging activity both physically/mentally at the highest levels.   Apply the lessons learned over the summer to the rest of your life and you will be a better person for it, both personally and professionally.

13. Any memorable rehearsal stories?   
I do remember we were supposed to do warm up half-dressed, so we all showed up wearing the uniform top and underwear/shorts. I know there are pics out there of it. Also I remember getting snowed in at camp in late December 1978 and we had quite the camp!

14. If you went on to instruct, what was it like instructing people you had marched with?   
At the time , it was just kind of a natural progression. I can t remember that were any problems – treat people with respect and the inverse will be true. I am sure that I was pretty hard core back then as between Ed Danek (side 1) and me on side 2. We won a couple field visual sheets at finals in 82/83.

15. Is there one show/performance that sticks out in your memory?
Probably 1979 Finals because of all those who were still in the corps from 1978 and trying to bring a title home to Rockford, as we only lost a couple shows all year and It was only to the Blue Devils, so the emotions and intensity of finals week for me as a rookie was something I had never experienced.

16. What instructor or member intimidated you the most?
As a rookie member, I would say that John Smith and John Brazale could take intimidation to a pretty high level.

17. What staff/support person made the biggest impression on you?   
I would be remiss to just put one person s name here.   The list of DCI Hall of Fame Members that were part of my experience includes: Bob Lendman (finally), Dr. Dan Richardson, John Brazale, Jim Wren, Marty Hurley and Moe Latour. So the Phantom Regiment experience was shaping DCI for the future. I also have to mention Red Christiansen, for his passion and just for the quality person that he was. The other staff member to me would be Mark Glasscoe. He taught me so much about the nuances of marching, teaching, technical excellence, and he was just a great person to be around.

18. Are you still involved in the music/performing arts field?   
Yes – see Job Description – every day!

19. Do you ever have drum corps filling a spot dreams?
No but I do get to do that occasionally during summer rehearsals. At 53, it s quite a different animal to do than at 21!

20. What nicknames do you remember?
Spanky, Lance Sterling, tine & topher   

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