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Project 35 – A Brief Look Back

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6 Generations! Almost 100 Strong! Phamily! So many faces and stories in such a short period of time. Old friends and new friends! Elsa’s! It was “Project 35: Elsa’s Return to the Cathedral.”

We relived a dream that warm summer evening on June 20th, 2014. We heard the cadence of the percussion line and felt the grass beneath our feet as we marched on to the field! Horns up, follow the baton and play! Unimaginable joy! A memory to never be forgotten for the rest of our lives! Standing ovation, tears in everyones eyes, the crowd screaming “one more time, one more time”! We marched off the field with our new Phantom phriends. Halt and silence at attention. We didn’t move, we didn’t flinch, we are proud Regiment horn line members!

What started as a pipe dream blossomed in to a phantastic happening! I still pull up the videos every now and than just to give me a smile and a contented sigh. And I feel I have regained a new appreciation for all the effort it takes to make Phantom Regiment into the class leading organization that it is.

Thank you Ray and Robert for all of your effort and inspiration from afar! We pushed and shoved and made a square peg fit into a round and perfect hole.

To the boards of both Phantom Regiment and the Alumni Association, my deepest appreciation for all of your blood, sweat and tears to allow this to happen when we seemed to take 2 steps back for every step forward! It is my sincere hope that this event will help strengthen the bonds between the alumni and the current Regiment membership!

Tim Farrell, you the man!

And lastly, but most importantly, to ALL the participants of Project 35! We did it! We made music together, and boy was it GREAT!


Terry “Pugsley” Pearse
1976-82, Contrabass

adminProject 35 – A Brief Look Back